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Military Journals
We wanted to produce a Journal for our Soldiers in the Military.
A Journal that would help them document their stories, their memories, and thier experience of service in the Military.
A writing Journal we feel is one of the best ways for a soldier to tell their story.
All of our Journals are made by hand. They are made from top grain leather, each page is torn by hand. The paper is Acid free and is sewn into the Journals by hand. All Journals are made one at a time. Inside the Military Journals you'll fined:
180 pages, the size of the Journal is 9 in. x 5.50 in.
Spectacular Cover Page titled " A Soldiers Journal" with an uplifting picture
For the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines.
Personal Info page.
And they come in three colors of leather. Brown, Black, or Tan
This is an extraordinary book unlike anything else out there. A feeling of Honor and Heritage. A Journal gives them the tool to preserve themselves and what they did for our Country. For Generations and generations to come.