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Filter life: 700(camo) 1000L(blue)
Size: 250mm x 27mm
Weight: 90g
Gross weight: 120g

1. Small size, simple structure, convenient to use and maintain
2. Large flow, it is not easy to jam, long service life
3. Safe and reliable, high-tech high iodine filter material can thoroughly kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses
4. Environment friendly, imported environmental protection filter material with special treatment, no bacterial growth, do not produce secondary pollution, solved the activated carbon worldwide problem of secondary pollution
5. Improve the taste of water, filtered water's taste is close to the mineral water, drink directly, do not need to boil

1. When using, shall not turn the water orifice toward others' eyes, ears and other parts
2. Don't use near flammable objects
3. Do not use this product absorb liquid other than water
4. Do not let children use as a toy, or use near them, children's using should be under adults' careful supervision

1. No dust, sand or other foreign body should fall into the inner pipe, so as to avoid blocking pipe fittings
2. Clear the rest water inside when finished using, prevent freezing in cold season
3. Do not store with spine item

Package includes:
1 x Water Purifiers Straw