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Finally, a pack that can comfortably carry a Crossbow, Compound Bow and Rifle! There is a unique fastening system that secures your weapon of choice to both sides of the pack, making this pack extremely versatile. The secret is that there are two padded straps at the top of the pack that start in the middle and wrap around the weapon, then fasten to each side. There are also two "Wing Pockets" on the front of the pack that will help secure and protect your weapon even more. If you do not wish to carry your weapon on the pack then the "Wing Pockets" work great to carry extra gear or strap down heavier loads. There are included two extension lashing straps for larger loads. At the bottom of the pack there is a drop down pocket that helps keep your weapon secure. Inside of the main compartment there is an organizational pocket to help keep some of your smaller gear organized. It has a padded waist belt with two pockets, one on each side. Also, it has a padded shoulder harness for a very comfortable carry. It has a center aluminum stay for added support when you are carrying heavier loads. Also included is a blaze orange rain cover in case you run into a rain shower or need extra orange in your attire. It has a hydration pocket and port. If you're a hunter, this is the pack for you. It will make your hunts more enjoyable because your hands will be free to battle the terrain or to carry other gear if necessary.


- Unique Design that allows you to carry your crossbow, gun or compound bow
- Unique Fastening System that secures weapon to both sides of the pack. Two Padded Straps start in the middle of the pack, wrap around the weapon, then fasten to each side for a secured carry. Front Zippered "Wing Pockets" will allow you to protect and secure your weapon or gear when hauling
- Drop Down Pocket helps keep your weapon secured
- Organizational Pocket inside of main compartment to keep your gear organized
- Extension Lashing Straps included for extra large/bulky loads
- Padded Waist Belt with a pocket on each hip
- Center Aluminum Stay for great support
- Blaze Orange Rain Cover included
- Hydration Pocket and Port


- Pattern: Realtree Xtra
- Pockets: Main, 2 Front Wing Pocket, 2 Side Mesh, 2 Waist belt
- Size: 2700 cu. in.
- Weight: 4 lbs. 1 oz.