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Whether they're on a boat, a tube, water skis or a personal watercraft, your children will have a blast in Stearns Child Classic Series Vests. They're specially-fitted for children 30-50 lbs. The Coast Guard-approved life jacket is designed with open sides, three adjustable chest belts and a crotch strap for a tight fit and better movement. Durable nylon construction and PE flotation foam, along with 1-in. webbed straps will allow you to use this vest season after season.


- Coast guard-approved life jacket
- Great for a day on the boat or beach and in the pool or lake
- For use on a boat, a personal watercraft or for tow sports
- Specially-fitted for children 30-50 lbs.
- Four adjustable straps and open sides for better fit
- Durable construction: Nylon shell, PE foam, four 1" webbed straps

Color: Red