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Portable LED Card Light Pocket Lamp Put In Purse Wallet Emergency Light


The size same as credit card and no wire needs. It is very convenient because it can place inside the wallet. A such small card may use for illumination, design is so funny. The interior has a LED light bulb, when you need to illuminate, you just fold "Light Bulb" up then the light turns on. If put " light Bulb" down, then the light turns off. You can use it anytime and anywhere!!!

Wireless LED Light
Credit Card Size
Fold "LED Light Bulb" up, light turns on
Can place in Wallets

Material: ABS
Color: white
Dimension: 86*54*3mm
Battery: 1* 3V CR1216 (included)
Weight: 15g
Package dimension: 88*56*4mm
Package weight: 20g

Package includes:
1 X Pocket LED WalletåÊ Light Lamp (battery included)