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Scotty #339-BK Power Lock Rod Holder with Clamp Mount features Scotty's most popular value-price, positive-locking, open style rod holder. Made of fiber reinforced engineering nylon, offering strength, resilience and reliability. The #449 Clamp Mount, included, provides complete portability. Color: Black.


- Includes: a No. 449 Portable Clamp Mount
- Made from super tough, reinforced engineering grade nylon
- Powerful clamp has a maximum 2" opening
- Makes your Powerlock Rodholder instantly portable
- Includes: the stainless steel fasteners required to mount the rod holder to the clamp
- Holds a bait caster reel in a cushioned cradle; No mount included
- A slot in the front of the rod holder allows for a spinning reel to be held securely in position
- The rod holder design has a side mounted flange, which leaves the bottom open, allowing the rod holder to accommodate trigger grips
- Pistol grip rod butts easily clear the sides of the rod holder for quick rod retrieval
- Rod can be secured in the holder with a soft latching strap which snaps over the top
- A popular mounting choice for canoes, tin boats and even dock rails


- Diameter (Inches) = 2"
- Color: Black