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Attract up to 2x more deer with Vitamins & Beet root powder. The vitamins and minerals in Red Spot are vital to support year round health of deer. Vitamins A, D, & E aid in the absorption of calcium & phosphorus which affects deer skeletal structure, rack growth and does fawning nutrition. Simply pour Red Spot over a stump or straight on to the ground, add water, and begin to not only attract more deer but create a healthier herd.


- Attracts up to 2X More Deer
- Sustained Release formula will keep deer coming back to lick, paw and dig for more
- Made with Premium Organic and Natural Food-Grade Ingredients
- Increase Bone and Antler Formation, Energy Metabolism and Reproductive Physiology
- Scientifically Formulated with Calcium and Phosphorus
- Size: 4.5lb bag