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Small Game Broadhead - "Varmint Broadhead"
Constructed of Durable NylonÌ_å?ÕÌâ66
Aerodynamically Designed for Faster Flight
High Impact Resistant
Broadheads are attached to a wooden arrow with an 11 degree tapered shaft. OR to an aluminum arrow shaft. An aluminum arrow shaft requires an adapter, such as "Cabela's Broadhead Adapter"
Broadheads can be affixed with Hot Glue, Duco Cement, or Ferr-L-TiteÌ_å?ÕÌâ Cement.
Small game broadheads are designed for small game hunting, as it is not legal in most states to use non-metal broadheads on large animals.
Broadheads come in packages of three (3) per order.
Each Broadhead weighs 53 graines / broadhead
Broadhead shot through 7/16" Plywood
Shown with Cabela's Insert