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Smoke PT rods feature improved deep-pressed 316 stainless steel guide frames (no ceramic inserts to pop free). They also have a patent-pending Line Memo dial that you simply turn to mark what pound line you̍re using. Because, let̍s be honest, all of us have questioned what line is on the rod and reel after it's been spooled.


- High-strain lightweight HSX70 graphite construction
- Fuji ACS reel seat
- Soft-touch split-grip EVA handle
- Built-in line weight indicator on handle butt


- Type: Casting
- Length: 6'10"
- Action: Heavy
- Taper: X-Fast
- Line Weight: 12-25 lb.
- Seat: Fuji ACS
- Number of Pieces: 1
- Guides: 10 + Tip