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Primos has increased the allure and ability to draw deer from near and far with the addition of Swamp Donkey with Honey Locust. Deer love the sweet taste of wild Honey Locust pods but, only have a short season to enjoy them. Swamp Donkey Crushed has been a proven attractant for years. It not only promotes deer health and antler growth, but keeps deer in the places you want them. Now you can give deer what they want (when they can't find it anywhere else)....feed them Swamp Donkey Crushed with Honey Locust!

Here is the #1 tip to get the very best results with Swamp Donkey. Choose a number of areas where you hunt and pour out Swamp Donkey regularly enough to keep deer coming back and looking for more! If you pour out Swamp Donkey once, deer will find it and eat it. If you keep placing it in the same area consistently, lots of deer will visit that area over and over again. Used with regularity, Swamp Donkey will dramatically increase the deer you see. Put deer where you want them with Swamp Donkey.


- 5 lb Bag