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Synthetic Ghillie Thread - GhillieSuitShop

Synthetic Ghillie Thread - GhillieSuitShop

$ 15.75

Synthetic thread Now available by the half Pound in TEN different colors, with the NEW Woodland blend and Mossy Blend. Woodland blend is the same as our all-season woodland colored suit, and the Mossy blend is the same as our Mossy suits. Now you don't have to blend the colors yourself if you want to make a woodland or mossy suit. Buy the pre-blended mix today to save time on your next Ghillie project. . The NEW Woodland blend is every color pre-mixed. This will save you time when you build a woodland Ghillie. Each half pound bundle is equal to almost 1.3 lbs. of Jute thread. Want to build your own Ghillie? Or maybe add a different color here and there on your existing Ghillie? All Thread is about 20" in length Pre-cut. Mossy Blended thread Available NOW!!
Mildew resistant