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Ordinary terry towels are heavy, bulky and take forever to dry, especially in the field. When you need a compact and quick drying solution, but still want that traditional feel, reach for the Ultra Compact Micro-Terry Towel by McNett Tactical. Utilizing a microfiber fabric with a unique terry texture (micro-terry), this highly absorbent towel soaks up large amounts of water, but dries much quicker than standard towels. With an antimicrobial silver treatment that helps prevent odors and a mesh lined toiletry bag featuring wet/dry storage, this isnt your typical terry towel.

Dont get bogged down with wet, bulky towels. Instead, grab the Ultra Compact Micro-Terry Towel by McNett Tactical and see what everyones been talking about. Youll be glad you made the switch.


- Antimicrobial Silver Ions Inhibit the Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria
- Microfiber Towel With a Traditional Terry Texture (Micro-Terry)
- Absorbent Towel Soaks Up Large Volumes of Liquid
- Quick Drying Micro-Terry Fabric Dries Faster Than Standard Issue Towels Inhibiting Odors
- McNett Towels are Tools: Wind Block, Sun Shade, Sling, Shemagh, Absorbent Wrap, Blanket
- Included Mesh Lined Toiletry Bag Features Wet/Dry Storage and Quiet Zippers
- Lightweight and Compact
- Snap Loop with Enlarged Name Tag Attaches to Clothing, Gear or Equipment
- Micro-Terry Towel Exfoliates Skin
- Includes Two Retention Straps to Secure Towel, Gear or Clothing

Size: 30" x 50"
Color: OD Green