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Protecting your eyesight and heading is extremely important when you engage in shooting sports, and the Browning Tactical Range Kit II offers everything you need for a safe and successful day at the range. With a 26 dB NRR rating, this Hearing and Sight Protection from the shooting experts at Browning consists of foam earplugs and a muff to ensure that your precious eardrums are safe from harm. Additionally, the Browning Tactical Range Glasses and Hearing Protection Kit II offers a pair of shooting glasses that comfortably fit on almost any head size. The perfect set to bring along into the field or in your range bag, you'll love the simplicity that comes with the Browning Tactical Protective Range Kit II.

Made in China


- Components:Foam Earplugs, Glasses, Muff
- Material:Plastic
- NRR Rating:26 dB
- Weight:1 lbs 3.2 oz