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NcStar Shot Shell Pouch Carrier - Digital Camo


- Elastic Loops hold a total of 17 Shot Shells.
- There are 2 rows of 6 Elastic loops inside the Pouch and a single row of 5 Elastic Loops of the front Flap of the Pouch.
- MOLLE Compatible. Vest, Shotgun Case, Shotgun Scabbard, or any MOLLE compatible gear.
- Has three PALS Straps located on the back panel for securing Pouch onto MOLLE webbing.
- The Flap is secured to the front of the pouch with Heavy Duty Velcro.
- The Flap can also be secured onto itself, using the extra strip of Loop Velcro sewn onto the inside of the Flap.
- This will give the shooter an open and easy access to the Shot Shells inside the Pouch.
- There are also two each 2 Belt Loops on the backside of the Pouch, for securing it onto a Belt.
- All edge seams are double stitched and re-enforced with web material.
- There is a drainage Grommet located in the bottom of the pouch.
- Size: 7W X 4H X 2D
- Weight: 3.6 oz.