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"THE Original CAN" is a unique call that has proven to be very successful in reproducing the mating doe Estrus Bleats. It's success has been overwhelming because it is so simple to operate and it has called up so many bucks.
"THE Lil' CAN's" introduction brought about an entirely different perspective on using bleats to call deer during the early season. This call reproduces the communication bleats that are so important in the deer's language. "THE GREAT BIG CAN" reproduces the Estrus Bleats, just like "THE Original CAN", only it's deeper, louder and longer for long-range calling and windy days. Now there are three calls in "THE CAN" family, "THE Lil' CAN" (early season calling), "THE Original CAN" (all phases of the rut), and "THE GREAT BIG CAN" (for long-range calling and windy days during the rut). "THE CAN" family has truly revolutionized deer hunting. The bleats that are reproduced by these calls have been proven to be dramatically successful. Now there is a "CAN" for any season and condition, so you can take advantage of those special days when you're in the deer woods, you won't be disappointed.


- "THE Lil' CAN"
- "THE Original CAN"