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"The Snip" which offers anglers an effective alternative to awkward, easily misplaced cutting tools like scissors or nail clippers. Compact, lightweight, yet extremely durable, it features precise, corrosion-resistant Grade 420? stainless steel blades that slice through monofilament, fluorocarbon, and even braid, like butter. This unique tool delivers more than a clean, smooth cut every time. The Snip offers a level of convenience and ease-of-use that other line-cutting tools can't match. This patent-pending, spring-loaded retractable "leash"? allows The Snip to be attached anywhere on your boat or on your person and extend a full 36" for duty. You'll never have to search around for your cutting tool again, and since The Snip is always secured, there's no chance of losing it overboard. When you're finished cutting, just squeeze the aluminum handles? on the side of the casing to lock the blades in safe mode and let go. The Snip will automatically return to its original position ready for use whenever you need it. The Snip is extremely rugged and dependable too. It's built to ward off rust and withstand repeated use in the toughest freshwater and saltwater environments. And while its designed for unparalleled quality, performance and convenience, The Snip is priced to fit any angler's budget. The Snip is backed up by a one-year warranty from Boomerang Tools Co.


- The SNIP-Black Heavy duty line cutter
- Cuts BRAID, Monofilament and Fluorocarbon fishing line with ease
- 420 Stainless Steel cutters (knife grade) for rust resistance even in salt water, retractable nylon tether, all inside acrush resistant housing
- Easier hook threading with the clean cut of the precision 420 stainless steel cutters even with braid
- 36" retractor means that it is always ready for use
- Squeeze design means quick and easy snipping with wet or gloved hands
- One handed snip lock
- Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.25 x 0.75" (8 x 3 x 1.5cm)