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The Torque Spinning reel was designed for anglers needing a rugged spinning reel for heavy saltwater fishing. From sharks to sailfish, the Torque spinning reel comes in three main sizes to whip anything you are after. Featuring a fully sealed system to repel saltwater and grit, the Torque ensures optimal performance in any situation. Put one to the test and see what you've been missing. The Torque spinning reels gearbox and drag system is fully sealed from the elements allowing you to concentrate on fishing. Worrying about salt spray and sand compromising your reels performance is a thing of the past with the Torque. Allows the angler to quickly select multiple drag settings for just about any fishing situations and provides smooth drag under heavy loads. By rearranging the sequence of the keyed metal washers and eared HT-100 washers the reel can be set up for fishing a wide range of drag settings without additional parts.


- One piece aluminum frame
- Forged and machined aluminum spool, sideplates, and one piece handle arm
- Integral clutch sleeve eliminates any back play during hook set
- 7 sealed stainless steel ball bearings
- Machine-cut marine grade bronze main gear
- Hardened stainless steel pinion gear
- Innovative bail trip switch allows the angler to choose between manual and auto mode


- Mono Capacity (yds./lbs.): 340/12, 300/15 and 210/20
- Braid Capacity (yds./lbs.): 550/20, 400/30 and 290/50
- Bearings: 7 + 1
- Max Drag: 38 lbs.
- Gear Ratio: 5.9:1
- Line Retrieve: 38"
- Weight: 21.20 oz.
- Reel Size: 5000
- Reel Handle Position: Right/Left
- Drag Type: Front
- Drag Material: HT-100
- Color: Black
- Anti-Reverse Feature: Instant Anti-Reverse