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The TRUTH 26 finds Team Primos calling gobblers from the Texas hill country, to the Florida swamps, to the plains of Nebraska, and of course, all over our home state of Mississippi. From the Delta to the Hills, to the bayous along the Mighty Mississippi River, you̍ll see the places where we all grew up hunting Easterns, and maybe get a hint of why we love this land so much. Next, cousin Jimmy and I divide the team for simultaneous trips to Florida and Texas, where Brad Farris and I hunt some stubborn Rios, and Jimmy gets his first ever Osceola. Later in the season Jimmy and Brad take the boys up to Nebraska for a team hunting competition between the ̱Gobbstoppers̨ and ̱Jellyheaders.̨ There you̍ll witness some great hunting, some you̍ve-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it new tactics, and the fun time that was had by all.