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NcStar Roll Up Shooting Mat, Black


- Shooting mat that rolls up into a compact sized roll
- Elbow and Knee slip resistant panels
- .30" of padding to make shooting from the prone position on the ground more comfortable. Shooting mat can also serve as ground padding under a sleeping bag when camping overnight
- Carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. Shoulder strap can serve double duty to help secure your firearm bipod in place, preventing the rifle from moving forward under recoil
- Shooting Mat can be used for multiple purposes besides as a shooting mat. You could use it for padding under a sleeping bag when camping, or rolled up as a pillow


- Dimensions: 69" Long x 35" Wide
- Carrying Size: 19.50" Wide x 8.50" Height (Two hook and loop straps secure the shooting mat into a roll)
- Material: Tough and durable PVC that is water and chemical resistant. Re-enforcement cross stitching in critical areas
- Color: Black