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The Zodi Fire Coil is designed for convenience, delivering hot water with just a camp fire. Simply connect the Fire Coil to an elevated water jug and place the coil in the camp fire. Water flows from the elevated jug, through the hot coil and into the empty lower water jug. Lightweight, compact size, and great for heating solar showers at night. Each 4 ft. hose has a universal adapter end that pushes onto most water jug valve spouts. (Water jugs not included.)


- Input valve connection
- Copper heat coil
- Output valve connection


- Heats hot water in minutes
- Works with camp fires, gas stoves and fire pans
- Durable heating coil heats water to over 100́F
- Lightweight and compact
- Provides hot water anytime, anywhere
- Great for heating solar showers quickly
- Convenient and easy to use
- Two 4 ft. hoses with universal push on spout adapters