Choosing the proper pair of gloves to hunt

Choosing the proper pair of gloves to hunt

Most of hunting activities require a pair of gloves because of weather conditions, protection or both of them; thus choosing the proper glove will make the difference regarding hunting success, after all if your hands are not properly protected and you lose dexterity, your aiming and shooting skills will be diminished.

With the above in mind it's necessary to remember that there's a myriad options regarding hunting gloves, each one built with different materials and with diverse features, thus before choosing a hunting glove you need to assess what you really need.

The best glove for you needs to have the perfect balance between protection and warmth, otherwise you won't be comfortable, your shooting skills will be impaired and even you might be in danger of wounds and frostbite, so take your time to make yourself the following questions before buying your hunting gloves:

How is the weather on the area I'm pretending to hunt on?

This is particularly important, especially during winter seasons or when going high in the mountains where temperatures may drop suddenly and snow storms cover the whole area with a huge snow quantity.

So, if you are going to hunt on very cold areas your gloves need to provide enough Hunting Glovesprotection but if your hunting ground is on a warmer zone, perhaps a lighter glove would be enough, otherwise you will be putting on and off your glove all day long because of discomfort.

Is the area where I pretend to hunt very wet?

If so, you will need waterproof gloves, otherwise the cold weather and wet, will make your life miserable. Remember that a wet area does not only mean to get inside a pond to hunt ducks, but also includes territories with many creeks, springs and even water disperse over the terrain, leaves and so on, then if there's much water around there, just remember to protect your hands properly with water resistant gloves.

How much insulation? It depends of weather, since not all wet areas have the same temperature; thus consider wet conditions as well temperatures in order to find the best choice for you.

Do I need extra protection?

It's not the same to hunt on open areas than deep on the bushes, especially if vegetation is too dense, on the other hand mountain terrains may be dangerous for your hands due to sharp, rock edges or the need to climb; thus additional protection will be required depending of the hunting area.

On the other hand, certain hunting techniques such as backhorse hunting, falconry and bow hunting could require specially designed gloves to provide extra protection, insulation, fingers movement and comfort.

Finally a critical issue is how your own hands respond to different conditions because even when some people may wear fingerless gloves on areas with temperatures between 41 and 50º, some others don't, same thing occurs with protection. People performing hand jobs such as carpintery or ironworks usually have thicker, resistant skin than those performing office jobs, same thing occurs with usual hunters who have stronger skin than weekend hunters, so don't take in consideration your fellow's gloves protection level, but your own protection requirements according to your own hands features.

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