Ghillie Suits

Hunting Ghillie Suits

Our gilly suits, yowie suits for adults and kids hunting ghillie suit are best used for paintball, hunting, landscape, wildlife photography and military exercises. We also offer sniper ghillie suit for kids, children and adults.

The two most common purposes of ghillie suits are for paint-balling and hunting. Each activity has a perfect camo ghillie suit to correspond with. If you prefer to use the Ghillie suit for Hunting, you would need a full, body-length ghillie suit. Patient hunters are usually sitying still for hours. They wait for their game quite far from their location. The woodland ghille suits appropriate for them do not need much mobility, warm enough and should be waterproof as well.

On the other hand, excitement-seeking paintballers will need a heavy and long hunting ghillie suit. Some paintballers are patient to be sitting and waiting for long periods, however there will always be a crazy man on campus. The impatient fellow would choose to dash immediately and chase the weak counterparts out of their hiding place. With this in mind, a heavy full-body length ghillie suit would be a big burden. The paintballers would need a much lighter and less restricting suit. A simple mesh cover with camo looking flora and fauna will be a great match to the environment.