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Essential oils are concentrated aromatic substances obtained from nature and processed to put on a single drop millions of smell molecules able to disperse and last for long periods on the surrounding Essential Oil Covert Scent Spraying on the Soles to hide hunter's trackareas.

Even when obtained from nature, essential oils are manmade substances which may be acquired on aromatherapy shops. The key is to choose an essential oil of plants and herbs located on the area we are planning to go hunting; this way the human odor will be masked by something deer are familiar with.

The best thing about essential oils is that formula preparation is easy; just put a couple of drops on an amber or coloured spray bottle and complete the volume using distiled water; after doing so, just spray the content on your clothes and gear and be ready to stalk those deer.

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After trying the basics regarding natural cover scents it's time to move to the big leagues and try more complex but still more effective ways to create your own cover scents.Home made covert scent done with denature alcohol

Unfortunately to do that you will need to find some ingredients at the store because not all what you'll need is available on the nature, thus the big leagues are a mix of modern chemistry and natural raw materials.

When using water to create an infusion which will be used as a cover secent later the results tend to be good but since water evaporate easily and have poor fixation power, the odor will go away fast too. To resolve this issue the best way is to use another solvent to prepare your cover scent and among all the available, alcohol and oils are the most popular ones.

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First thing to do is to collect leaves and flowers from the area you are thinking to go out; the first scouting and recon trips may be usefull to accomplish this task; try to find some evergreen plants such as balsam fir, spruce, pine, and cedar and store them on an open bag to avoid moisture accumulation. If evergreens are not available on the area, you also may use deciduous plants like sassafras, sage, or goldenrod, just be sure to Homemade deer covert scent

collect the most representative ones from the local flora.

If no many aromatic vegetation is present on a particular hunting ground, you also may use some loose soil.

Once back at home or camp it's time to put hands on work; put some water in a pot, just enough to cover the collected plants and boil them; the aim is to create a concentrated infusion of the regional plants smell.

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Despite of their effectiveness, commercial scents might have several disadvantages, from the extra money expend up to the use of a particular plant scent on an area where there's not such vegetation; making deer
suspicious to this new, extrange odor, nevertheless that's a rookie mistake and veterans hunters should Natural Cover Scentnot worry about it but what's if you forgot your scent bottle or lost it on the woods?

Then it's time to take advantage of natural resources, on the other hand it might be funny to create your own cover scents as old fashioned hunters done years ago.

The best way to cover human odor is using local vegetation to hide it; once on the area you may pick a handfull of pine-tree needles, break them and rub them between your palms, afterwards wipe your hands on your hunting clothes and gear to impregnate the scent and cover your human odor.

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Of course you won't get an expert overnight but with practice, study and sharing of experience, your skills will render you a master soon.Properly set of a trap

Once the first step (knowledge) is achieved, it's time to get the basic apparel and even when unbelievable, first thing you need is a good pair of rubber boots.

No matter if you are going behind foxes, minks, muskrats or raccoon neither if you are setting traps on water or land, a good pair of rubber boots is mandatory to keep you safe and comfortable.

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