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But the truth is that it's easier to say than doing it; thus basic hunting tactic here is the stealth. By midseason squirrels are more active at dawn and dusk; hence you must previously spot for an area with signs of squirrels activity and find a good cover at ground level and hide thereMid Season Squirrel Hunting before squirrels become active, that way your presence will not be detected easily.

Remember about the keen sight of squirrels, they will be aware of every little change on the area as well of movement, hence find coverage behind a fallen tree or a rock pile; try to avoid sitting on top of blowdowns or stumps because squirrels will run away for sure.

Now the game name is "waiting". Success depends of how long the hunter may wait until the perfect moment for a shot. Sit calm ans wait still, don't be tempted to shoot as soon a squirrel appears, just give time to the animal to find a nut and begin to eat; once focused on its meal it will be easy to shoot it down.

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Compared with other animals, human beings senses are almost not developed, hence when we are out for hunting most of times our preys are aware of our presence sooner before we are able to see them, accordingly camouflage is necessary to shorten the gap and be able to catch the prey before our presence is noted.On this regard camouflage is the keystone; after all since we are not able to increase our senses capabilities, at least we may try to cheat our prey keen senses.But camouflage is not just about buying some green and gray pattern clothes, in fact, it's...

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At this point it results clear that chasing squirrels is not such an easy task, however being a little clever, results will be great, at least once the mastery of squirrel hunting is achieved.Squirrel Hunting

First thing to note is that squirrels habits differ from early to late season. At the beginning of the season the use to be high on the trees jumping from one branch to another; hence it's necessary to locate an area with many signs of squirrels activity such as gnawed nut hulls.

Usually squirrels are near big trees such as hickories and oaks, so looking for those trees and keep stalking near them it's a good strategy.

Remember to get near quietly because even the most tiny sound will alert squirrels and they will disappear as a flash and you won't be able to see them in more than two hours.

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Regarding the last point, proper winter garment is mandatory since froztbite is a real risk, especially at the mountains where the weather may turn very hard suddenly; thus be sure to carry with you proper insulating clothes including boots and waterproof garment in case of rain or snow. To be caught in the middle of a winter storm may jeopardize your life, thus be sure to be prepared.Winter Hunting Season Safety Tips

Another safety element to keep in mind is an schedule. During long winter nights or due to a storm you may get disoriented and find the way back to your camp or truck is not always an easy task; but if you have a planned scheduled and notify your loved ones where you are planing to be, help will reach you easily in case of problems.

In addition if you may count with a radio, cell phone or even satellite phone (where cell phone signal is not available), you will count with an extra safety layer while you'll be able to contact someone else for help in case of troubles. On this regard, be sure to count with enough batteries depending of how long you are planning to be out.

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The same reason supporting the decoys deployment is behind the change of calls; by this time of year calls mimicking hens looking for drakes are ineffective because all couples have been set and will keep that way until the end of the season, thus coupling calls will not attract ducks but will make them suspicious instead.Late Season Ducks Hunting

To attract ducks to your area it will be better to use single quacks and feeding calls, after all once the couple are set the birds still need to eat.

3. Enhance your blind or boat cover

Remember about the keen sight of ducks and how smarter they have got by the end of the season; thus a poor camouflaged blind or boat will be simply detected and ducks just won't get close enough to you for a shot.

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