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If you find several signs of turkey presence on an area, keep moving around because sooner or later a flock will show up. To make things even easier, look for food and water sources, if there are turkeys on the area as suggested by your scouting, you'll find a flock near a food source for sure.
Fall Turkey Season Tips
Keep in mind that turkeys fall feeding behavior is a little bit different than usual, especially when colder, wild turkeys will spend more time on the woods eating different berries, beechnuts and acorns.

Now you know there are wild turkeys on the area and have identified potential good places to locate them, it's patience time!

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Hunting is usually associated to someone with a shotgun on the hands or something like a bow or cross bow but even when these techniques are very popular, they are not intended for all terrains, types of animals and hunter temperament.Certainly firearms as well arrow hunting are very popular but perhaps not everyone likes to see an animal dying in a personal manner; in addition, some games are so elusive that it's just impossible to see them if a human being is near the area.On such cases trap hunting is the best options since the animal dies away from hunters sight but...

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NEVER point others with your gun; firearms must be always considered as loaded and Hunting Safety Tipsdangerous thus, aim only to your target and be sure the barrel is pointing up when you are hiking or waiting.

If you need to climb, it's always a good idea to have a hunting partner to keep you gun while you climb, otherwise an accident might occur, especially if you fall down.

When you find a target BE SURE that's an animal; in case of doubt NEVER FIRE since you could be shooting another people; on the other hand, NEVER shoot an animal when another person is near it or in the shooting line.

If you are using high power ammo, it's mandatory to be sure that no one is behind the animal because it could be a victim if you miss your target. In case of long range shots, use binoculars to be sure no one is there; if you are not sure, just avoid shooting.

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This year legal equipment are shotguns and muzzleloading shotguns with shot sizes 2-9. In case of hunting without fire weapons, recurve or Fall Turkey Seasoncompound bows as well crossbows are allowed. On the other hand, both fire weapons and arrow hunters will be allowed to use dogs this season.

It's important to contact your local state regulations for precise information regarding this years regulations and allowed units for fall turkey hunting.

For those who have never experienced fall turkey hunting, it's a big chance to learn a lot about turkeys behaviors and habits; on this season the birds have plenty of vocalization and are very active, thus going out to the woods will be very illustrating, particularly for those new.

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Quails tend to form big coveys but since most of time they are feeding on the ground it's hard to locate them, hence if you bring a couple of dogs to your quail hunting, they smells sense will do things easier for you; in addition they will be very helpfull to retrieve the fallen birds. Labradors and Spaniels are of the best dogs for quail hunting.Quail Hunting Tips

Weather conditions for quail hunting tend to be warmer than other types of hunting, then lighter clothes are necessary, in addition due to the long distances and the complicated terrain, resistant but light weight boots are mandatory. In addition don't forget to wear vivid colors garment.

Since most of quail hunters go out in groups, vivid color clothes will avoid a hunting accident because you will be more visible to your partners,

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