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24 Jun '16

Preseason Scouting. The secret for bow hunting success

Posted by S. Sosa

Preseason Scouting. The secret for bow hunting success

Now on the woods it's time to use each single existing technique to give you an edge over your catch; so you may try one or more of the following options:

Trail camera in placeTrail Cameras: It's like magic since they allow you a 24 hours presence without been
there physically. Place a couple of cameras near food and water sources where animals are expected to be, and the show starts!

The detailed analysis of your memory card information will allow you to create behavior patterns of potential catches on your area, thus you will be able to be present at the right place on the right moment.

It's exciting so far! But remember, the keyword here is patience ...

Attract your Catches: Once you have studied and selected the area it's time to attract your catch towards you; i.e. if you are going behind deers, mineral licks are a good option. Follow the directions and you will see how deers comes to you shortly.

10 Jun '16

Some secrets about wild turkeys to help you catch them

Posted by S. Sosa

Some secrets about wild turkeys to help you catch them

1. Turkeys are a very prolific specie, with a growing population in all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii, where there's not an extensive turkeys population.

2. Even when it's everyday more frequent to see groups up to 50 individuals in fields, roadways and roadsides, to hunt a turkey is not easy due to their particular "six sense".

3. It's an extremely territorial critter; so when you detect a turkey scouting an area, you'll probably find it there when you come back.

4. Turkeys have an intricated communication system, so their noises are not to show you their possition but to call other sex individuals, send an alert and so on. Then, to succeed on turkey hunting, you must be familiar with all kinds of "turkey sounds" in order to properly interprect their meaning and act in consquence.

04 Jun '16

Turkey hunting essential gear

Posted by S. Sosa

Turkey hunting essential gear

The first and most obvious apparel is a shotgun but not whichever but one free of shinny surfaces which may alert turkeys about your presence in the area; so camo prints or solid black-matte are the best choice but if you still insist on a shinny, metal shotgun, be sure to have enough camo tape to cover as much as possible metal surfaces.

Now you have the gun it's time to find out the proper outfit,, particularly boots since you will need to be comfortable and dry to succeed on your hunting.

Camo clothing is useful while keeps you away from turkeys sight; it's not mandatory to wear a very expensive clothe; just make sure to count with the basic: pant, jacket, hat, face mask and gloves; in addition if you hunt on wet areas or rainy environments, make sure to count with a good, camo, rain cover.


28 May '16

Turkey Hunting Technical Tips

Posted by S. Sosa

Even before the season begins, in fact, several months before, plant food plots near probably breeding areas (you will identify such areas if you know the preferred habitat of turkeys). Such plots will call turkeys attention while being a source of forrage, insects and everything they will need when breeding, thus the pre-season job planting food plots will pay back early.

Once spring begins, start calling like hens; you'll probably attract gobblers to you while they will be thinking you're a hen, then the fooled birds will be an easy catch.

At the end of the season, once the breeding has finished, goblers tend to regroup on solely males gangs, thus at this moment you'll get better results imitating turkey male voices in order to attract them to a males bang, while the interest on females is absent, now your best bet is to fooled them with a "fake" male gang.

21 May '16

Turkey Hunting. When and Where

Posted by S. Sosa

Once you have found their habitat, it's important to be sure you are on publicWhere and When hunt turkeys lands, otherwise problems could arise because of hunting on private lands; nevertheless turkey hunting on public lands usually is feasible and free of problems; check your state guide for turkey hunting to find out multitude of national parks and forrests where turkey hunting is allowed.

Now you now where, it's time to find out when is it possible to go for those turkeys and here you'll find huge variations among states.